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Whale Shark off Long Island

Every day is different. The dynamics of the ocean are part of the lure in venturing out and exploring the deep. Habitats shift and form, along with currents, eddys, upwelling and temperature breaks. You never what you're going to see and the largely unpredictable nature of the ocean is what truly fascinates me. On 9 August, 2017,  Captain John Shemilt, Angus Wilson and I ventured out to sea, heading south-southeast out of Shinnecock Inlet at about 2:00 PM. Sea conditions were extremely calm with 0-5 mph wind out of the north making for a silky ride out to sea. We were headed out towards the Dip (a steep break along the continental shelf) and then south through Ryan and McMaster Canyon where we planned on setting a chum slick out at 500 fathoms (3,000 feet of water). We motored past the Dip and were approaching the top of Ryan Canyon at 4:30 PM when we noticed a gigantic dorsal fin slowly cruising across the surface at 39.869715, -71.752915. We were headed straight towards it and …