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iScoping With Meopta Equipment

I've been digiscoping birds and wildlife, with an iPhone (iScoping), for almost 2 years now. It all started when I tried to iScope a Vesper Sparrow at Smith Point County Park by manually holding my phone up to my scope's eyepiece. I was amazed at how well the iPhone camera matched up with my eyepiece. Months passed and I began to think of how I could invent some sort of adapter that allowed me to iScope birds with a more "hands free" approach that allowed for instant camera to eyepiece line-up. I spent way too much time fumbling around, trying to find the sweet spot and I ended up missing many birds. I was a little late in thinking I had this great invention idea as I found out that Meopta Sports Optics had already did the work for me! They created the Meopix Adapter. A snug mount that securely fits over your iPhone with a built in mount that perfectly aligns the iPhones camera with your scopes eyepiece.

Many of you may have already seen my post back in early Septem…

Weekend Wildlife - Grey Seal & Cackling Goose

Slowly getting back into the routine after my trip abroad, readjusting to the cold weather but more so to life with a stomach. I contracted some weird bug in Panama, still waiting to find out exactly what, but was finally back on my feet today. I took the dog for a quick walk at Smith Point this morning, which was dead, as far as bird life went. Very slim by way of land birds so I took to the ocean side to have a quick gander. A decent number of White-winged Scoters were within scoping reach of the beach. Other than that, slim pickings. I noticed a dark object resting on the beach, just east of the outer beach entrance. As I approached, I saw what was an obvious Grey Seal pup. Its body looked to be in good condition and I finally saw its eye open (it's alive!), scoping from about 50 feet away. The 30 pound pup started slowly crawling up toward the dunes. I managed some photos as the seal made its ascent. I didn't highlight any photos that showed it, but the seals left eye had…