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Goosin' Again - Ross's

I only had a couple of hours to bird on Saturday, 1/2/13, so I decided to stick somewhat locally and search for some waterfowl. I checked all of the nearby goose roosts, my favorite being West Brook Pond in North Great River. West Brook continues to have solid goose numbers but the Greater White-fronted disappeared after the recent freeze event. I decided to head south to Timber Point Golf Course in south Great River. Timber Point is an attractive site for birding. The course runs along the west side of the mouth of the Connetquot River. I've seen Dovekie here, in the channel near the police basin, as well as Tundra Swan in the course ponds.

Lately, all I've been seeing is the same flock of brant but knew it was only a matter of time until a Canada herd developed. The County annually hires a "goose chaser." Some young guy with a Collie that bumps back and forth between West Sayville Golf Course, and here at Timber Point, chasing geese around all day. It doesn't s…