Digiscoping with the MeoPix iScoping Adapter by Meopta

Juvenile Baird's Sandpiper         Derek Rogers

I entered the iPhone world relatively late. It was in November 2011 when I upgraded from my ancient “flip” phone to the iPhone 4. Shortly after I purchased my iPhone, I was at Smith Point County Park viewing a Vesper Sparrow through my scope when I decided to try and digiscope the bird using my iPhone camera. I was shocked at how well the camera matched up with my scope and knew I’d be using this technique often. I later found out that this technique had a name, “iScoping.”

Juvenile Baird's Sandpiper                   Derek Rogers

I’ve been having a blast using the iScoping technique and have produced some outstanding quality images and videos. I use the Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope with the Razor HD 30X Wide Angle Eyepiece. I’ve noticed that the 30X wide angle eyepiece really makes a world of difference when iScoping. It has tremendously reduced the outer circular scope outline and has helped produce a brighter, closer image. Still, I was missing something. How was I going to construct a mount that would enable myself to immediately, and accurately, line up my iPhone lens with my scope’s eyepiece? Too often I would find myself fumbling around, trying to line up the glass, and missing that perfect shot. Well it turns out I didn’t have to construct anything. Meopta already did with their MeoPix iScoping Adapter.

Northern Waterthrush             Derek Rogers

Meopta’s MeoPix adapter has revolutionized iScoping. Within the first two hours of using MeoPix I was iScoping actively foraging warblers. Something I never thought was possible with the iScoping technique. Off the bat, I’ve noticed several benefits to owning a MeoPix; 1) Increases stability which enhances overall image quality 2) Frees up your hands for precision shooting and focusing 3) Allows you to shoot/film moving subjects.

The adapter fits onto my eyepiece like a glove providing for a firm, stable platform to shoot photos. This has noticeably improved image quality for me. And it gets better. I recently found out that you can use your iPhone’s stock headphones to take photos by simply pressing the “+” sign on the volume adjustment control. This even further reduces shaky movement that may hinder image quality. I now use the headphone option often and it works great. 

Stilt Sandpiper                              Derek Rogers

Having freed up hands has been a huge plus for me. On Day 2 with MeoPix I was filming Common Terns in flight, panning with my right hand while recording/focusing with my left. I use the same technique when shooting smaller, faster bird subjects like warblers.

MeoPix adapters can be ordered in various sizes so don’t worry about it being too snug or loose. Just speak to your optics company and find out the dimensions of your eyepiece. Meopta should have a MeoPix that fits your scope. As I mentioned, the 42 mm MeoPix fits my 30X wide angle eyepiece nice and snug. I hiked around with the adapter attached to my scope for at least 2 hours the other day. It didn’t budge at all. Although I had favorable results here, I would pay close attention just to be sure that you don’t drop or lose your phone while hiking with an attached setup. iPhones are expensive and most of all, I’d hate to lose the amazing photos I’d just taken with my adapter.

Marbled Godwit               Derek Rogers

MeoPix adapter simply makes iScoping easier. Of course, an important prerequisite to effectively using MeoPix is having the general ability to quickly locate subjects in your scope. This is an acquired skill that will develop through time as you get familiar with your optics. 

The last important piece I will mention is about Meopta as a company. They have an extremely friendly, professional and helpful staff. You can trust that they will answer any questions and concerns in a timely manner. This is something that I strongly value in a company and is really nice to come by. So, if you own an iPhone and enjoy iScoping you should not hesitate to pick up a MeoPix adapter. It will dramatically increase the quality and ease of your iScope photos. All of the photos that you see on this blog post have been created with the help of a MeoPix. And this is only one week of owning the device!There is no way I would have been able to capture actively foraging Buff-breasted Sandpipers, the quick movements of a Northern Waterthrush, or a yawning Lesser Black-backed Gull without MeoPix. Enjoy and a huge thanks to Meopta for this creation.

Lesser Black-backed Gull                             Derek Rogers

Buff-breasted Sandpiper                                        Derek Rogers

Pectoral Sandpiper                                   Derek Rogers
American Golden-Plover                                      Derek Rogers
Buff-breasted Sandpiper                                  Derek Rogers
Stilt Sandpiper                                              Derek Rogers


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